The old man´s Deathmatch - Server
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IP:port server:
Server version: 6630498
Server protocol: 17
Players on server: 17 / 24
Map is now: de_dust2_night
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Last check: 30/03/2023 09:10:02
Lucky checks: 7705
Unsuccessful checks: 49
UPtime: 99.4%
Servers location: Servers location: DE
Server views: 1767
Bots on the server: 17
Server status:
Server password: No
Game: Counter-Strike: Source
# Name of player Points Play time on the server
1}Grave{ Digga1413943
2Alexis P.2213943
3|ESP| .Headhunter.1413943
4[vBT] Die Kanzeler2613943
6Colt 451513943
7Werner [Ger]2113943
8KaMuschikaSakki [Jap]2313943
9Billy the Clid2413943
10Analfixierter Pandabaer1913943
11da gibts Leckerli1913943
12Bill geht's ?2213943
13{CSS} c u in hell2113943
14Zu Eingebildet2213943
17Prv. Paula1313943
Statistics monitor Players on server: 7840 / 29044. The most popular map: de_dust2.
Total servers: 30061 (running: 1044 / not working: 29017).
Hits servers monitored: 1270637.