[FR]-Les PoToS#1 | DeathMatch Free For All | Ranked by GameMe
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IP:port server:
Server version:
Server protocol: 48
Players on server: 12 / 20
Map is now: de_aztec_winter
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Last check: 26/02/2021 22:16:06
Lucky checks: 825
Unsuccessful checks: 13
UPtime: 98.4%
Servers location: Servers location: IT
Server views: 167
Bots on the server: 6
Server status:
Server password: No
Game: Counter-Strike 1.6
# Name of player Points Play time on the server
1Daisy Desrata4128461
2Matt Lecul5128461
3Forum: http://lespotos.eu0128461
4Stats: les.potos.fr.gameme.com0128461
6Say MENU for Stats & Options0128461
7Commands: /MENU /RS /Spec /Back0128461
8Camille Honête6128461
9Sam Féchier9128461
10Alain Parfait7128461
11Agnès Téziste3128461
12[ES] elFARY8140
Statistics monitor Players on server: 22439 / 73060. The most popular map: de_dust2.
Total servers: 16594 (running: 2672 / not working: 13922).
Hits servers monitored: 2256142.