[RESPAWN Melee] ONESTRIKE.EU # Redemption
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Server version:
Server protocol: 48
Players on server: 11 / 28
Map is now: de_409dust
Start playing: connect to server [RESPAWN Melee] ONESTRIKE.EU # Redemption
Last check: 25/03/2023 14:22:06
Lucky checks: 1708
Unsuccessful checks: 90
UPtime: 94.7%
Servers location: Servers location: US
Server views: 540
Bots on the server: 0
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Server password: No
Game: Counter-Strike 1.6
# Name of player Points Play time on the server
30v3R p0w3r3D274096
4King of the North211408
5TrAkToRiStA BaBy144608
6Pray 4 U304352
7A <3 B322176
10Advertising is forbidden here!230
Statistics monitor Players on server: 9999 / 29032. The most popular map: de_dust2.
Total servers: 30060 (running: 1060 / not working: 29000).
Hits servers monitored: 1277876.